Biblical Institute of Zagreb

CECEF was created to partner with and better support the efforts of the Biblical Institute of Zagreb. You may sometimes see us refer to the school as the Biblijski institut, which is the Croatian spelling. We also use BIZG for short. This school, begun in 1999, continues to be the primary focus of our efforts. We are hopeful that people like you will join the team, and that God will enable us to reach into other Central European communities in the future.

Our mission is to revitalize Christianity in Central Europe by equipping leaders for lives of service. The Biblical Institute is the perfect tool for accomplishing this task. It is our hope that God will use the efforts of our organization to bring about a revival of the church throughout Europe.

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Fast Facts About the Biblical Institute of Zagreb

The Biblical Institute of Zagreb (BIZG) combines European academic standards with mentor-based instruction that encourages both personal and spiritual growth. Under the guidance of professors who are both credentialed and caring, the BIZG curriculum challenges the mind, stirs the heart, and prepares students for practical service to their communities.

BIZG was birthed in a context of deep spiritual hunger and human need – the kind of hunger and need that results from 45 years of communist rule and a 5-year bloody war for independence. The school has served nearly 300 students since 1999, and is now poised for tremendous impact on the region. 76% of our graduates are actively involved in ministry, and our alumni serve churches and para-church organizations throughout South-central Europe.

Many of the petty divisions that plague the Church in the United States fade away when only 1 out of 1000 of your neighbors is an active, Bible believing Christian. BIZG is the ONLY Protestant University in the country of Croatia. We serve the WHOLE church. Our partners include Abilene Christian University, Lipscomb University, the Church of God in Croatia, the Evangelical Pentecostal Church in Croatia, the Protestant Evangelical Council in the Republic of Croatia, the European Evangelical Accrediting Association, and the Council of Churches of Christ in Croatia.

Our academic programs are top notch. Several of our current professors received their undergraduate Bible & Theology degrees from BIZG. 72% of our graduates have gone on to do graduate work, and our students do extremely well in graduate programs. BIZG offers a Bachelors of Applied Theology, Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, Basic Bible Knowledge Certificate, and Life Academy. The BIZG library includes well more than 20,000 volumes, and could be many more if there was space to display the books. Students have access to the ATLA database thru the library.

BIZG translates and publishes useful materials for scholarship and the church on a routine basis. KAIROS – an Evangelical Journal of Theology is published twice a year in Croatian and English. It is the only Evangelical Journal in the region. Numerous other works have been produced – visit the Institute website for a partial list.

The Center for Biblical Research is a division of the Biblijski institut. The purpose is to encourage the reading of the Bible, to promote research in the history of Croatian Biblical heritage, to engage in public media, and restore the significance of the Bible and Biblical values in Croatian society. The Center publishes regularly, and works in cooperation with the Croatian Bible Society, the Protestant Evangelical Council, and the University of Zagreb.

BIZG is grateful for partners like you. The GDP per Capita in Croatia is $11,858.  Unemployment is 17.9%, and the average annual wage is $9,600.  Add to this the reality that only .4% identify as Evangelical, only 1 in 1000 is an active, Bible believing Christian, and undergraduate education in the country is FREE if you attend a state school! What does all of this mean? It means BIZG will never be self-sustaining. Every college in the world depends upon outside funds – with schools in the US having Development staff and large permanent endowment funds to pay the bills. Students at BIZG pay an average of $170 per semester. We estimate that it costs more like $8000 per year to educate a student. We depend upon donors like you to fulfill our mission.