The “Central European Christian Education Foundation” (CECEF) was founded in January of 2015 in an effort to better support the work of the Biblical Institute of Zagreb, in Croatia (BIZG). We are Christian men and women, just like you, who desire to make a Kingdom impact in the former Eastern Bloc nations of the Soviet Union. Our mission is to revitalize Christianity in Central Europe by equipping leaders for lives of service.

Originally founded to better support the work of one particular college, the Biblical Institute of Zagreb continues to be the primary focus of our efforts. It is our prayer that YOU will join our team, and together WE can equip and empower leaders throughout Central & Eastern Europe. The needs and opportunities in Zagreb prevent us from branching out further at this point.

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The Biblical Institute of Zagreb was begun in the late 90’s by Tom & Sandra Sibley. There were three students in the first year. The work was supported by just two churches – Round Rock Church of Christ (Round Rock, TX) and the North Canton Church of Christ (Canton, OH). Round Rock provided for the Sibley’s living expenses, while North Canton supported the ministry of the school and provided overall oversight. Over the years as the school has grown, the burdens of leadership have become heavier.

Recognizing the need for additional financial support and greater expertise to support the growing school, Dr. Sibley began assembling a volunteer Board of Directors. This board consisted of Academic experts, church leaders, and major individual donors. The board met together for several years, before finally establishing itself as a legal 501(C)3 Charitable organization in January 2015.

Today we are officially recognized by the IRS as a charitable organization. We are legally incorporated in Nashville, TN. All donations are tax deductible. Our Executive Director lives in Daytona Beach, FL and operates from his office there.

There is both great NEED and great OPPORTUNITY in Central & Eastern Europe. In this part of the world, well less than 1% of the population can be identified as “Evangelical,” with the numbers ranging from .1% (Bosnia & Slovenia) to .7% (Czech Republic).

In Croatia, where the Biblical Institute is located, our research has led us to startling conclusions. Initially, data about Croatia suggests that more than 90% of the nation is Catholic. However, the vast majority are nominal or nonpracticing Catholic – with less than 15% who are actually familiar with the doctrine of the church and active in their faith.

We have found less than 175 Protestant Christian Churches in the country – and believe that less than 1 out of every 1000 people is an active, Bible-believing Christian.

There is much work to do! Please, will you join us in the effort?

The work of the Biblical Institute was founded and initially supported by individuals and Churches affiliated with the non-instrumental Churches of Christ in the United States. Today, we are becoming more diverse. Our work in Croatia is a source of unity among the churches. Our professors, staff, and students come from a wide variety of Evangelical Christian backgrounds; as do our donors and US based staff.

The Biblical Institute is the ONLY option in all of Croatia for Protestant theological and ministry training. Therefore, we serve the WHOLE Church.

These are the values that continue to guide us:

Jesus must be Exalted in all that we do.
God is to be Glorified in thought, word, and deed.
The Gospel must be Proclaimed at every opportunity.
The Bible is God’s Holy Word, and should be Honored and highly esteemed.
God’s Church should be Unified and work together for His purposes.
Leaders must be Equipped and encouraged to lead.
The Church is God’s chosen vehicle of redemption. She must be Empowered.
The Kingdom should be ever expanding.

We are officially recognized as a 501(C) 3 Nonprofit organization and Public Charity. All gifts to our foundation are tax deductible. We are legally incorporated in Nashville, TN.

The foundation was started in response to the tremendous spiritual needs and opportunities that exist in Central & Eastern Europe. In an effort to capture the opportunities before us, we are in rapid growth mode.

We have been supported until now by a handful of churches and a few dozen individual donors. In fact, board member contributions have accounted for 60% or more of our support since inception. The Board recently determined that we needed to hire an Executive Director to coordinate our efforts. As a result of that decision, we expect to be able to send an additional $150,000+ to the mission field in 2017.

We are actively seeking new churches and individuals to partner with us in this important work. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Brian Walton, Executive Director.